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David and Denise Stutenkemper and their… | Dea & Gerhard Michal – Tutzing, Germany

David and Denise Stutenkemper and their associates were extremely helpful to us when we had to sell my brothers home and personal property after his sudden death. We were rather overwhelmed at the amount of work that had to be done in a relatively short amount of time. With the help of the Diamond S family we were able to finish it in time. They gave us so much good advice and help. The 2-day auction was a great success and everything was completed effectively. The auction hall really looked more like an antique store as everything was professionally displayed and laid out on tables for the bidders to see. We feel that they did the best job possible and can highly recommend Diamond S Auction & Real Estate Company for their fine efficient work.

Diamond S Auction & Real Estate Company… | Don & Loretta Maples – Kirksville, MO

Diamond S Auction & Real Estate Company sold our house and farm in Kirksville, Missouri.  We were very impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail with the set-up, as well as, the computer presentation they used during the auction.  We were also very pleased with the way they worked with the bidders to obtain the highest selling price for our properties. They understood that they were selling more than a house and farm, they were selling our home!

I have dealt with Diamond S Auction… | K. Patrick Douglas, Attorney Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, P.C.

I have dealt with Diamond S Auction for many years and have seen first hand the customer oriented approach that has proven to make the company so successful. The customer can take a hands-off approach with virtually all of the preparation process being performed by Diamond S.  This is exactly the kind of service that is perfect for heirs, many of whom are out of state, with little ability to manage the auction preparation process.  It is my opinion that the ability to consistently advertise and market effectively for good attendance by interested bidders at different types of sales has been a big part of why customers are satisfied with the auction process.  I have personally recommend Diamond S to many different types of sellers and intend to continue doing so.

I just wanted to drop… | DeLane Dunn, Realtor – Stockton, MO

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you and the other folks at Diamond S Auction how pleased I was with the service you provided.

The advertising fee was very reasonable, in fact, I could not have gotten any where close to that level of exposure on my own.  We had several people come and look at the property and they were all qualified buyers.  You have done an excellent job of following up after the auction with people who could not make the auction.  I had checked with three other auction companies prior to choosing your service.  None of them offered the level of advertising or the commission rate that you did, even at double and triple the price.  I am very satisfied with your professionalism and efforts in regards to the auction on my property.

If I am ever in need of doing another real estate auction, I will definitely be looking for Diamond S to do it.  Thanks again for your help, I am very satisfied with the service you provided.

I want to compliment… | Joanna Lucas – Bolivar, MO

I want to compliment your organization and each of your staff for the excellent job they did at the auction for Rental World. From the very beginning they were there for us and available to help out and make the auction a success.

Thank you especially to David, Devon and Denise during and after the auction.  Cody for his help during setup and Tyler for the great job he did with the advertising and other staff that are behind the scenes.

We had an excellent turn out, a great sale and excellent follow-up.  Without all this help it would not have been possible.

Just a quick note… | Dick & Carmen Knight – Springfield, MO

Just a quick note to thank you for the sale and for the box of personal items you sent back to us.  We are so very happy and pleased with the results and all you did to make it possible.  

We will be moving into our new place very soon. Many of our friends attended the auction and all were impressed by how well it went.  Again, we are so very thankful for you and your crew. Thank you for everything.

We attended your auction… | Don & Rea Douglas – California

We attended your auction on Saturday 9/29. This was our first auction in Missouri. We had a ball and bought lots of goodies. Your people are so professional in how you look, how you run the auction, how you are open to questions and how quickly you get the things sold. We live in California full time but own a home in Southwest Missouri and are therefore in the area several times a year. We certainly hope to return to your auctions on our return visits! Thanks again for letting us have such a delightful time at your auction!